Survey Monkey January 2019


Take Home – New requirement to write Narcan for patients who are taking Benzos plus Narcotics.  This means even if you didn’t write for them, you are obligated to write for Narcan.  Especially important if you are writing a benzo to someone on narcotic or if you write norco for someone on a benzo.


Interesting question.  Remember ABCD2 score for TIA discharge/admission.  I have traditionally given numbness/paresthesias a very low priority with TIA considerations.  This is probably true overall but high risk patients should have consideration for TIA admission.  This patient has symptoms for over a day so MRI should show something.




This is good info.  Let’s work to improve the dictation experience. Thoughts?



Overall, our numbers are decreasing with regards to hypothermia utilization for cardiac arrest.  Remember targeted temperature management does not mean no cooling.  We still advocated 32-34 though 36 degrees is reasonable.  Also check out this guide for our Zoll cooling catheter. dos and donts quattro (3)