Survey Monkey December 2018

Question 1: We agreed that it is reasonable to send non-suicidal/homicidal patients to Mesa Vista without PET consult or send out with resources.
Question 2:  Split feelings on this.  Group felt it is reasonable to write a note if you evaluated the patient.  Fraud if you didn’t evaluate.
Question 3:  Also split on this one.  Mild agreement, likely better medicine, and protective to initial doc to write a note if we are in C when a PET discharge comes up.  Also if you send a patient to C, write holding orders and keep available for orders while you are still on shift.
Question 4:  Consensus that we can do this without calling hand.  Literature was said to support no abx on these, but everyone voted that they were still going to write for Abx.
Question 5: The verdict is clear, but TW did dissent.  One doc only orders urines if admitted.



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