Random Reminders

Insulin Pump in ED – order the ED Only- insulin pump powerplan

Central Lines

  • Couple key reminders, (apply to NON-emergent lines):
  • They actually prefer a PIV, when reasonable, even if pressors involved. Obivously, if a massive fluid or long term pressors, or other considerations, go with central line.
  • Prefer higher lines over femoral lines
  • Prep steps:
  • wash hands
  • dry site (subclavian) — very rare of course, need 30 second scrub, 30 second dry time
  • wet site (IJ, femoral) — 2 minute scrub, one minute dry time
  • large sterile drape to fully cover field/patient
  • MD fully gowned with hat/mask/gown/gloves
  • maintain sterile field
  • sterile technique when applying dressing
  • biopatch used
  • dressing dated